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For instance, if a judge sentences somebody to five years in jail, bailiffs will take the defendant into custody and switch him or her to a detention center to start serving the sentence. A defendant with a lot of money or belongings may not see a low bail quantity as a big deterrent, whereas those with few assets could also be considerably affected by bail amounts outdoors of their resources.

We are here to get you thru this troublesome time, provide you with peace of mind, and get your loved one house within the quickest method possible. Our giant network of agents are strategically placed all through the state and are ready to serve you at a moment’s discover.

Watch our video above for a proof of the bail bond course of. At Exit Bail Bonds, we open doors and make it attainable for our shoppers to Exit to Freedom. Our main objective is to make the bail process as fast and straightforward as attainable anywhere in the state of California. We understand that an arrest can occur at any time and for this reason, we make sure that we’re at all times at your beck and call.

What Is A Money Bond?

In a moment like this, you need an experienced bail bond agent to assist guide you through the method. Working a salesman who lacks professionalism or knowledge of the internal workings of every county will solely worsen an already annoying situation. We have been serving Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas for over 17 years and have become the most trusted bail service to thousands of purchasers and their attorneys. The general thought is that when you have the money to pay bail after you might be arrested, you can get out of jail. But bail is commonly extra complicated than that, especially when the bail amount is giant. In some conditions, bail is feasible even after a person has been convicted of against the law. Typically, once a courtroom points a jail or jail sentence, the defendant must start serving the sentence immediately.

bail bonds

The risk with bail at all times begins with the risk that the defendant doesn’t show up for his or her courtroom date. If the defendant doesn’t show up to court events lose cash because the bond court keeps the complete bail amount. When you bail somebody out of jail the best choice is to publish the total quantity in money. Once an settlement is made, we’ll complete the applying and publish the bail bond for the complete quantity of the bail to ensure the defendant’s return to court. In case the defendant fails to look for the court case, the bail agent has to use the collateral to pay the remaining ninety% of the required bail amount to the court docket. Bail bonds are, in essence, a substitute for paying the total bail amount required from a court.