labor law

If there isn’t any “Workers’ Committee” in the establishment the employees therein shall nominate their representatives within the joint committee through direct election. If there’s a “Workers’ Committee” in the establishment it shall assume the nomination of the employees representatives in the joint committee from amongst its members. The General Union of the employees of Qatar might, after approval of the Ministry, join any Arab or International Organizations working in the area of the Workers Organizations. Approval of three fourths of the General Committee of the workers of the trade or business.

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The Workers Organizations shall assume the taking care of the pursuits of their members and safety of their rights and their illustration in all matters related to the affairs of the work. The basic committees of the workers of the varied trades and industries might type amongst their selves a general union to be named the! The workers committees in the institutions engaged in a single commerce or industry or similar or interrelated trades or industries are entitled to kind a general committee from amongst themselves to be named the General Committee for the Workers of Trade or Industry. The workers working in an establishment where the variety of Qatari employees is not lower than hundred employees may kind a committee from amongst themselves to be named ” the Workers Committee” and more than one committee in the institution may not be shaped. The employer shall each six months provide the Department with a statistics of the work injuries and occupational ailments in accordance with the types ready for this function and the procedures to be prescribed by a Decision of the Minster. If a dispute arises between the worker and the employer as to the ability of the worker to renew his work or as to some other medical matter related to the damage or illness or the therapy prescribed thereof or the utilized remedy the Department shall refer the dispute to the competent medical authority.

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a- They shall not be employed in industries or professions which are, by a decision of the Minister, categorised as hazardous or harmful to their health. This resolution may also oblige a number of establishments to conduct coaching sessions for employees at facilities or institutes of one other institution within the event where the primary establishment does not have its personal coaching center or institute. Training shall happen at institutes, facilities or establishments that achieve this objective. The employer shall be prohibited from using international manpower until the competent authority has granted them a permit to work for him.

labor law

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The Department could require completion of the enquiry if it deems needed. If the employee dies whereas on obligation or because of the work or sustains a work damage the employer or his consultant shall immediately notify the police and the Department of the incident. If the number of the workers exceeds twenty-five workers a box shall be specified for every group of workers starting from 5 to twenty-five employees.