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Labor & Employment Legislation

The whole of the end of service benefit mustn’t exceed one and a half 12 months remuneration for workers who are paid on a month-to-month basis. a- The worker shall be entitled to a ten days remuneration for every of the primary 5 years of service and a 15 days remuneration for each year thereafter. The total of the top of service benefit shall not exceed one-12 months remuneration for employees who’re paid on every day, weekly, hourly or piecework basis. d- If the employer or his deputy dedicated an act of dishonest or fraud with regard to work situations upon signing the contract. The service of the employee shall not be terminated with none justification or as a result of his activity in the syndicate or a claim or his authorized rights in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. The service of the worker may not be terminated for reason of gender, race or religion.

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The remuneration means the basic cost the employee receives or should obtain in consideration of his work in addition to all parts stipulated in the contract or the employer by-legal guidelines. The employee shall be entitled to half of the top of service benefits stipulated in Article 51 in the event the place he terminates the work contract which has an indefinite time period and the period of service reaches not lower than three years and no more than 5 years. In the occasion where the interval of service reaches 5 years and fewer than 10 years, the worker shall be entitled to two thirds of the benefit and if the interval of service exceeds 10 years, the employee shall be entitled to his entire profit. b- The employee shall be entitled to a 15 days remuneration for every of the primary five years of service and one month remuneration for yearly thereafter.

labor law

This proper is calculated by dividing his remuneration by the actual working days without together with the weekends, although these weekends are paid. The worker shall be entitled to a paid weekend which is the same as 24 continuous hours after every six working days.

The employer might not terminate the services of a working girl whereas she is on such depart or during her absence from work due to a illness that is proved by a medical certificate that states that the sickness resulted from being pregnant or giving birth. After the top of the maternity depart, the employer may give the working lady, at her request, an unpaid go away for a interval not exceeding 4 months to care for the infant.

The employer could call the worker for work during his weekend if the necessity arises. The employee shall be entitled to at least 50 % of his remuneration, along with his authentic remuneration and to a different day off as a substitute of the one on which he worked. The employer shall not be allowed to transfer a employee who is paid on a month-to-month foundation to a different category of payment with no written consent from such employee and without prejudice to the rights the worker has acquired by engaged on a monthly foundation.