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It isn’t solely scattering, but in addition the scale of the scatterers relative to the wavelenth and the resolution limit of light. Assume that you’d investigate the particles underneath a microscope utilizing the identical wavelength as in your spectrometer. There are modifications of the Beer-Lambert regulation around which could possibly deal with scattering to some degree , however the effect of band flattening cannot be handled this manner. So I can be very sceptical, in particular if the particles are bigger than about 1/10 of the wavelength. ), however provided that the index of refraction of the solvent just isn’t too excessive and the answer is so diluted that this index of refraction is just marginally altered by that of the solute.

law solutions

the focus of absorbing species in answer should not change spontaneously. The nature of the transition being observed can also be very important. For example, d-d transitions are within tansition metal complexes and therefore not modified by changing the solvent or additions of non-interacting ions. However, the height of the uv spectrum of the iodide ion depends on the solvent as a result of the transition being recorded is a CTTS transition . Thus by including say sodium chloride to an aqueous resolution of NaI or KI the change in the ionic environment round iodide will cause a shift in its peak position. Such small shifts are often linear with rising focus of the added chloride or related ions.