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Erdogan Is Infiltrating Europe By Way Of Political Parties

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State BJP spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya also mentioned that he cannot carry on criticising the government in entrance of the whole world. The BJP’s West Bengal unit hit out at Nobel laureate Amartya Sen for his remarks that the Narendra Modi government’s schizophrenia led to the Covid-19 ravage.

Being Fired Over Covid Pictures Because Of Govt Mandates? Authorized Ideas Thread

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political news today

Winner Takes All: California Recall Defined

The U.S. democracy agenda can’t focus merely on supporting democratic governments. All contents © 2021 The Slate Group LLC. All rights reserved. Click here for IndiaToday.in’s complete protection of the coronavirus pandemic. Sen’s remarks came within the backdrop of the second wave of the pandemic seeing the number of formally reported instances topping over 4 lakh a day and over 4,500 deaths day by day. India was better positioned to struggle the pandemic because of its pharma manufacturing prowess and in addition larger immunity ranges, the noted economist had mentioned while talking at an event organised by the Rashtra Seva Dal. At a programme in Mumbai on late Friday evening, Sen had stated that India’s “confused” government centered on taking credit score for its actions, somewhat than working to limit the unfold of COVID-19, resulting in schizophrenia that led to massive troubles.