labor law

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The employer shall not use the best of termination granted to him by advantage of the previous article when the worker is having fun with one of the leaves stipulated in this Law. In the occasion where the get together wishing to terminate the contract does not abide by the period of discover, he shall be obliged to pay the opposite celebration a compensation for the notification interval equal to the remuneration of the worker for a similar period.

Employees’ Security Rights

And the penalty of fine shall multiply in accordance with the variety of workers in respect of whom violations are committed. To inspect the residence of the employees for assuring their compliance with the required health situations. To acquire samples of the supplies used and dealt with in the establishment and to inspect the machinery and numerous fittings for assuring the provision of sufficient and efficient. means for protecting the workers from well being hazards and work risks and notify the employer or his consultant of any samples or supplies taken or used for this objective. The employers and staff have the proper to conduct collective negotiation and conclude joint agreements on all matters associated to the work. The employer using fifty staff or more shall present- them with the social services to be specified by a Decision of the Minister_ considering the situation of the work, the circumstances thereof and the variety of the employees in the institution. The employer using a number of staff starting from five to twenty-five shall prepare for them a primary help field furnished with the medicines instruments and gear to be specified by the competent medical authority.

The employee shall notify the employer of the new employment immediately on obtaining therof and shall proceed with the work thereafter until the expiry of the notification interval. If the contract is terminated with out observing these intervals, the party terminating the contract shall be obligated to compensate the opposite party for an quantity equal to the wage for the notice period or the remaining part thereof. The employees’ register which shall particularly comprise the names, nationalities, jobs, quantities of wage, date of commencement of work, marital status, tutorial and professional skills, leaves of the workers and the penalties inflicted upon him. The employer shall keep the stated file for a period of no less than one yr after the expiry date of the service of the employee with him. If the character of the work permits the employee to know the shoppers of the employer or the secrets of the business of the establishment, the employer could stipulate that the employee shall not compete with him or participate in any enterprise competing with him after expiry of the contract. Such stipulation shall be legitimate only if it is restricted as to its period and place and to type of the work to the extent needed for the safety of the respectable interests of the employer.

The whole of the top of service profit should not exceed one and a half 12 months remuneration for employees who are paid on a month-to-month basis. a- The worker shall be entitled to a ten days remuneration for every of the first five years of service and a 15 days remuneration for annually thereafter. The total of the top of service benefit shall not exceed one-12 months remuneration for employees who are paid on every day, weekly, hourly or piecework foundation. d- If the employer or his deputy dedicated an act of cheating or fraud with regard to work situations upon signing the contract. The service of the employee shall not be terminated with none justification or on account of his activity within the syndicate or a claim or his authorized rights in accordance with the provisions of the law. The service of the employee will not be terminated for purpose of gender, race or religion.

labor law

If the employee joins another employer earlier than his departure from the State the obligation to return him to his nation or different place shifts to the latter employer. If the web benefit accruing to the worker beneath the said system is less than the tip of service gratuity the employer shall pay to the worker the top of service gratuity and return to him any sum whereby the worker may have contributed to the said system. Give the worker upon his demand, free of cost, a service certificate indicating the date of his engagement within the employment, the date of expiry of his employment, the type of work he was performing and the amount of wage he was receiving. The successor shall be jointly liable with the former employer for the cost of the employees entitlements accruing from the latter. The employer shall give permission to the Qatari employee to absent himself from work for affordable occasions to enable him to register his name in the register of the Department in order that the employee can avail himself of recent employment.