“When choosing my degree, I was young, naive and full of false expectations, here’s what I have learned”, that may be the words of law students in Europe, America or those whose legal and judicial systems are more advanced than in other country.

1. Career prospects

A Bachelor of Laws is a highly respected degree but the prospects of a graduate are not guaranteed by the university. Law offices and councils have reduced the number of trainings and also some law firms have canceled staff recruitment. Moreover, law graduates are not guaranteed to become rich. High-income people think that lawyers are paid without thinking that lawyers are actually being paid for what they do.

2. Need to read a lot

Many have opinions on why reading a lot, but no opinion on the scary story of a law school student who spends all day and all night in the library, because that’s what really happened, got to read a lot. And sometimes among students it turns out that they miss home, so be prepared to study for a long time as a law faculty student.

3. Hard work, smart work and organized

The workload will be easier if law students are able to organize and focus on work efficiency. Plan ahead and prioritize work, while reading, focus on the final result and learn the laws of how to apply them properly during exam time. Speed ​​reading can also be done, having an opinion on the facts and legal principles of a case also means that case reports are read faster by focusing on the important things. This is not something that has been taught by prospective students, so students must then learn it on their own while studying law.

4. Everyone will try to get free legal advice

If students are hanging out with friends, then they are always the place to ask questions about legal issues, for some reason, people sometimes also think that law school students have many sources of legal knowledge, therefore sometimes they test law school students with questions about law . So if a student gives advice or legal advice, always include additional information that is advice and advice as a law faculty student, if you want more in-depth consultation with a professional practitioner.

5. Life revolves around tutorials or seminars

To begin with, students must be in contact with the lecturer and will be assigned to read the specified subject, then asked to prepare tutorials and seminars. Sometimes there are students who are not fortunate enough to have teachers who use tutorials during interrogation sessions to highlight deficiencies in knowledge and understanding of the legal field. Small group teaching sessions are a good opportunity to discover knowledge skills and provide structure to learning. Therefore, there are many things that students do, so there will also be many things to be learned.

6. Competition in law school

In law faculty, there is always competition with fellow students to be the best. Some law schools have implemented standards in their curriculum, so student graduation depends on how many years they are able to study in the curriculum. Some students struggle very hard and do everything to get their benefit. It’s really strange, but law faculty can be a means of “internship” to compete with fellow students.

7. Expensive legal books

Complaints about the price of books on law are quite expensive, some costing £ 140 for a “textbook” during the first year at University. Even today, pricing for law books still seems a bit of a hassle.

8. Did I choose the right major?

At one time during college, when motivation was low and there were a lot of legal cases to read, law school students would ask about their options. That being a law graduate will require commitment, many students leave the law faculty because they are unable to master the intensity of learning. So students should not make decisions easily, a law degree is an expensive investment. In fact, some students do choose law school and enjoy a time at university where they can get honors and then decide to commit to law.

9. Grade A Faculty of Law

Law school students think they can master law well enough and become law graduates, and have good performance when studying. The logical reason why a beginner is valued so highly is that he comes from a top university law faculty. However, students do have different learning experiences and understandings, which is why understanding of legal issues varies for each student. The largest portion that is done by law school students is reading activities to learn and understand the rule of law and the case.

10. Social stereotypes against law school students

At least the public response and stereotypes towards law school students are of good opinion and there are also those who think otherwise, which is logical because the legal field is related to social social functions, besides that law enforcement has its own dynamics that gets attention from the public.

What do you think, students of law faculties in Indonesia or those who have a law degree, when making a choice to study law, what do you think? Please each reader to answer according to the motivation, facts and events behind it and maybe that’s part of the romance as a student or alumni of the law faculty.